Invest in Medical Homes

Invest in Medical Homes

Our healthcare system places higher financial value on patient volume than on the quality of care it delivers. If we want to heal our healthcare system and have healthier patients, we must invest in medical homes.

Whole person care starts with North Carolina’s critically acclaimed medical home network.

Our healthcare delivery system is in critical condition. That’s why the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians have worked within the healthcare community to build and support a vibrant statewide network of patient-centered medical homes. To live healthier lives that help reduce healthcare costs, we believe all North Carolinians should have a medical home.

To provide the whole person care North Carolina patients deserve , it is imperative to build on the state’s successful medical home network. Reducing long term costs and improving population health will only work if there is a robust primary care infrastructure in place for the prevention, early detection and affordable management of high cost chronic diseases.

Our critically acclaimed patient-centered medical home model has helped coordinate clinically recommended services for thousands of North Carolina patients with a proven track record of saving money. It’s time to shift our scarce healthcare dollars from patient volume to personalized patient care that puts the health of patients first.

North Carolina’s family physicians believe our citizens deserve the most efficient and effective healthcare system possible. That’s why we support efforts that build on the foundation of North Carolina’s nationally recognized medical home model.